Local Marketing Made Easy.

build your up business's authority

get more exposure-
find, convert, and keep your customers longer with a

create a repeatable process

for marketing your

local business


Your local business' Reputation is based on more than just online reviews.

Is your GBP profile complete? Does your website load fast? Is it mobile-friendly? Are you active on social media? Do you publish helpful interesting content?


Increase the LTV of each customer by staying in contact with them and your current customers and As they say, ‘the fortune is in the follow-up’. Just about every business is sitting on a goldmine of customers they’ve previously done business with - and that would likely gladly do business with you again - but you’ve simply lost touch.


Retargeting allows us to make sure that the prospects that have already shown interest in your service are going to continue to see your business over and over again by placing YOUR ads on the various websites they visit throughout the day.


We recommend a more proactive approach to getting your business more visibility that includes paid advertising and making strategically-designed offers to bring in new customers.

When all 4 components

are working at max capacity-

you WILL get more customers!

Not for nothing buuut the whole "hope & pray" method needs to STOP! Hoping and praying you marketing works isn't an actual tactic (well at least not a reliable one)

Introducing- The R4:Get More Shook (short book)

Local Marketing Guide

Want to peek behind the strategy Curious to know how we help our clients create affordable marketing systems that bring in more customers, save them a ton of time and increase your bottom line.

what makes us any different

from the last 20 schmucks that offered you

the same thing? ....

4 words

proven, repeatable, affordable and practical

Unlike traditional marketing agencies that provide individual services, Merlino Made Media provide complete marketing systems that leverage technology and include everything you need to market your local business effectively and efficiently. I'm talking tools, templates, done for you campaigns, a ton of resources and support.

We are a Proud Member of:


We Help Businesses Grow by Implementing and Optimizing Marketing Systems

in Four Critical Areas OF THEIR business


72% of U.S. consumers said they research companies through social channels before making purchases


On average it cost 5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell new services to an existing customer.


Where do you show up? 95.91% of all clicks occur on page 1 of Google, and the top three positions deliver 58.4% of traffic.


Do you have a system to in place to follow-up with people who have shown interest but didnt convert?

We are your new one stop shop

for all your marketing needs.

Our proprietary marketing systems will simplify and help streamline your sales and marketing efforts So you can:

👯 bring in more customers

⌛ save TIME

💰 a ton of MONEY and

😠 a 💩 Ton of aggravation

Our All in One Marketing Systems Include:

Everything you need

to get more customers

Chat Widget

Website w/ Blog

Booking Calendar

Call Tracking



Invoicing +Online Payment

All-in-One Communication Center

Social Media Scheduler

and SOOOO much more!!!

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